Vacuum Blackbodies

Vacuum Blackbodies range for cryogenic or ambient irradiative environment

Our Vacuum Blackbodies combine performance of traditional infrared reference sources with specific features in order to operate in a vacuum chamber, at cryogenic or ambient temperatures. They can emit over an ultra-extended temperature range, set and controlled with the highest accuracy, thus simulating Space and Earth radiation.

A vacuum compatible emissive head is connected to our new generation controller located outside the climatic chamber. The highest stability of regulation is ensured by an optimized control of the losses through radiation and conduction.

High emissivity up to 0.999 is obtained thanks to a vacuum compatible coating on a specific surface structure of the blackbody. The emissive surface’s temperature is measured in real time via high precision calibrated Pt sensors. All your tests are run by the INFRATEST electro-optical test software.

Various principles of thermal exchanges are available to suit different applications such as the characterization and radiometric calibration of spaceborne imagers and non-uniformity correction of infrared sensors.

ECN100V20 product

3 Key Points

thermometer (2)

Absolute temperature range from 100K to 425K


High thermal uniformity and emissivity

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Use of vacuum compatible coatings and materials


A comprehensive range of Vacuum Blackbodies

  • DCN 1000 V: Fast stabilizing vacuum blackbodies
  • ECN 100 V: Extremely broad range of cryogenic temperature blackbodies from -250°C to +250°C
  • RCN V: Cavity blackbodies with > 0.999 emissivity

Key Features

  • Extended area up to 500 x 500 m2
  • Temperature range from + 100K to + 425K
  • Real time display of temperature data in °C, K, and °F
  • Materials and assembling procedures compatible with clean room and vacuum conditions
  • Fast response time and high stability
  • High thermal uniformity and emissivity
  • Radiometric calibration over multiple bandwidths;
  • Built In Test Equipment (BITE)
  • Exclusive automatic compensation of the influence of the chamber radiation
  • INFRATEST LT control software

Main applications of Vacuum Blackbodies

Our Vacuum Blackbodies aim at simulating space and terrestrial radiation, to test and calibrate space infrared sensors. Find below some examples of major space programs we took part in:

Find our ECN100V7 and ECN100V2 Blackbodies in this video from Bertin:

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