Passive Self-Protection of Warships

Protect your Warship against asymmetrical threats with the SPYNEL IRST Solution

More than ever, situational awareness is a key factor to fleet protection. The current marine battlefield is constantly evolving, as latest-generation technologies emerge. Threats are multiplying and take various forms. To answer the growing needs in terms of embarked IRST systems, HGH developed an IRST solution based on the SPYNEL® technology: a passive early warning system embarked on your ship for a 360° protection against asymmetrical threats.

Benefits: Detecting all air and surface targets very early

  • Sea-proven fully passive 360° surveillance
  • Self-protection of your vessel against asymmetric threats
  • Autonomous system, quick reaction time
  • Gyrostabilized, operational under rough sea conditions
  • Enhanced situational awareness, no blind sector
  • Automatic air/surface target detection, tracking, identification and classification
  • Integration in your vessel’s combat management system
IRST panoramic bubble protecting ship from threats


The rise of new technologies urge naval forces to adapt their defence, detection and threat-tracking capabilities. Low air targets such as missiles, drone swarms, and other fast approaching threats such as RHIBS make it difficult for current surveillance sensors to ensure a full protection of the vessel.

In order to provide with a full panoramic 3D defensive bubble, an adapted IRST must be implemented to the vessel’s existing security system, provided that they meet certain requirements: The IRST should be fully passive, in order to be undetectable by the enemy. It should be adapted to rough sea conditions, thanks to an effective gyrostabilization. The IRST should also enable a quick reaction time, thanks to an automatic data fusion into the vessel’s Combat Management System.

SPYNEL IRST Configuration sur navire de guerre

Our unique solution: a dual rotating sensor heads configuration operated with one single Combat Management System

The HGH IRST system based on SPYNEL-X is a highly effective sea-proven solution suited for self-protection of all surface vessels. Our fully passive infrared surveillance system is able to automatically and simultaneously detect, track and classify air and surface threats, coming from opposite directions.

SPYNEL IRST combines the high performance of two SPYNEL-X sensors with CYCLOPE Hypervisor’s data fusion technology:

SPYNEL icons black and white
SYNEL IRST cyclope web of cameras
SPYNEL IRST setup on monitors

The SPYNEL-X sensors can be fixed on either side of the mast, or on the bow and stern of the vessel, creating a 360° protective bubble around your ship.

The data is fused by CYCLOPE Hypervisor, our supervision software collecting and displaying, on a single workstation, all the threats automatically detected and tracked by multiple SPYNEL sensors.

The processed data is transferred to your combat management system for quick decision making.

Several configurations are possible:

3 different spynel configurations

About SPYNEL-X Infrared Search and Track

SPYNEL-X is the InfraRed Search & Track with the highest image resolution and longest detection range on the market : one sensor can detect a RHIB located at up to 15km, and a ship at up to 30km.

3 Key Points

radar icon

360° protection screen


Detection and tracking of multiple aerial and surface targets

maintenance free icon

Integration into the CMS

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