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SPYNEL and OverWatch™ Integration

Passive 360° DMTI/GMTI

HGH USA has partnered with Aries Defense to bring TAK / MCH integration to our SPYNEL 360° wide area surveillance cameras, creating the O-SPY system. The O-SPY system is the answer to the needs of any tactical team who needs a passive, easy-to-deploy system they can access on a remote network. 

The SPYNEL sensor provides fully passive threat detection in a long-range, 360° field of view. SPYNEL sensors detect and track thermal signatures, and send live alerts to users on the tactical networks via Aries Defense OverWatch™ video surveillance platform.

O-SPY product image with snapshots of ranges covered

Did you know that one single SPYNEL-M camera can perform early human intrusion alerts over a 1.5 km-diameter area? It means it can replace 16 traditional cameras over 360° 24/7.

3 Key Points

radar icon

detect, track and identify

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Integrated with The Programs of Record for remote monitoring


Network Agnostic


Components of the O-SPY System


SPYNEL-M is an easily deployable, solid & compact solution for wide area surveillance with a high-resolution thermal camera acting as an infrared radar. Capturing full panoramic infrared images every second, 24/7, it offers real-time security against any type of intrusion, including humans, vehicles, RHIBs or swimmers.

Easily transportable, SPYNEL-M can be carried in a backpack and then deployed very quickly at the top of a building or on a mast. The sensor requires 5 watts of power only, but can also work with solar/ alternate power supply systems.  SPYNEL-M does not need additional light source: it is entirely passive and cannot be jammed. 

Spynel M radar to detect intrusions


OverWatch™ is a forward deployable video surveillance platform used to gain close-in situational awareness for war-fighters while in combat operational theaters. The system leverages a low-voltage capability designed for extended operations.

OverWatch™ provides automatic network routing for rapid deployment and ease of use over tactical MESH network radios or physical networks. No configuration is required, and it can be adapted to and mission using a provided Android-based Stand-Alone application.


The O-SPY system, an OverWatch  and SPYNEL-M integration, is comprised of a modified HGH Spynel-M600 sensor leveraging graphics processors and Aries Defense’s video libraries, a networking solution, and TAK/MCH (USMC) plugins. The kit allows the user to deploy 360° passive thermal sensors with zero active emissions.

The sensor detects and tracks thermal signatures, and alerts users on tactical networks integrated with push notifications.  The system’s Programs Of Record enables users to receive alerts and view/record video on their EUD or laptop computers.

Main Benefits

  • Remote Monitoring
  • TAK / MCH Compatible
  • Cost-effective, low power consumption & reliable
  • Full Panoramic coverage: only one sensor needed
  • Day & night 360° surveillance
  • High resolution images whatever the weather
  • Flexible and easy to configure
  • Automatic detection & tracking of all threats outside or inside the perimeter
  • Compact & lightweight: fast deployment and installation
  • Fully passive, undetectable
  •  No need for maintenance
spynel-m on roof top




  • Soldier Security
  • Critical infrastructure protection: power substations, data centers, dams, prisons, oil refineries, airports, ports, etc.
  • 24/7 Perimeter security – 360° detection of asymmetrical threats
  • Special operations Forces and VIP events

Technical specifications:



Horizontal Field Of View


Vertical Field Of View



Detector Type

> 600 pixels

Human Detection Range

Up to 400m

Up to 700m

Vehicle Detection Range

Up to 900m

Up to 1500m

RHIB Detection Range

Up to 900m

Up to 1500m

Additional TAK Compatible Solutions


A deployable video surveillance platform used to gain close-in situational awareness, with a live view of the space from a fixed and/or concealed position.


Gain situational awareness for forward deployed warfighters while in theatre on combat operations.

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