NV-2500 Night Vision DEVICE Test Set

Automated testing for all night vision devices

Designed for testing night vision monocular or binocular systems, the NV-2500 night vision device test system provides automated testing of all standard NVD tests with unparalleled accuracy and operator ease of use. Users operate the system with a built-in touchscreen where they can view test results in real-time video without the eye strain looking through binoculars.

Our unique system architecture allows for best-in-class repeatability (in-system and system to system). 

Tests are automated, thus many judgment calls and alignment errors often encountered by user variability are removed. Meanwhile, test time is improved. Manual versions of the tests are also selectable for backward compatibility.

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3 Key Points


Compatible with all types of NVDs

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Field Test System


Unique architecture and comprehensive kit


Standard tests performed with NV-2500:

  • Built-in Setup Function
  • Intensifier Check
  • Infinity Focus
  • High & Low Light Gain Check
  • High & Low Light Resolution
  • Bright Light Resolution
  • Diopter Test
  • Spot Defects
  • Distortion Test
  • Collimation Test
  • Current Draw

Tests can be run manually with human eyes or automatically with machine vision.

Hence, automatic tests avoid any human subjective error and increase repeatability.

NV-2500 product testing a night vision device


The NV-2500’s unique architecture includes all the necessary accessories required for operation of all standard NVD tests at no extra charge. Operator manuals and contextual help are provided onboard via the touchscreen. Users may purchase an auxiliary printer to connect to the system for report printing, or users can simply download reports to a preferred device via the USB port.

NV-2500 Comprehensive Kit:

components of NV2500 product kit

Goggle Compatibility

With specific adaptation kits from HGH, the NV-2500 can be compatible with all Gen 2 and Gen 3 goggles with green or white tubes, and auto gated or not versions such as:

NVG from US (L3/Harris, Elbit, FLIR Armasight, Night Vision Devices, etc.):

  • PVS-7
  • PVS-14
  • PVS-15
  • PVS-18
  • ANVIS-6
  • ANVIS-9
  • and more.

NVG from Europe:

  • NYX – Theon Sensors
  • E-NYX – SAFRAN Vectronix
  • MUM-14 – Act In Black
  • Minimus – NVLS
  • Evo – NVLS
  • Brolis BPS14
  • Brolis Twins
  • Senop M40
  • OPTIX Diana
  • and more.

Similarly, compatibility with other NVG is fully available on demand.

For rapid NVD test, see the complimentary NV-2020 system.

Technical Specifications:

Field of view



Automated MTF to eliminate operator differences and provide real live feedback for focus; manual operation available on standard USAF target

Bright light resolution

Bright MTF test for Gated Intensifiers

Image quality

MTF or USAF target, spot defect zones, collimation and diopter tests


Comprehensive NVD electrical system test for battery packs, power supplies and helmet mounts


System current draw and test voltage

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