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Military air bases are the hub to deploy air forces of the country. They are critical assets which need to be fully secured, inside and outside the perimeter. Such critical sites can be the target of attacks by terrorists or professional criminal organizations. Long-range optronic sensors such as the HGH SPYNEL® 360 thermal imaging cameras ensure high-end detection, tracking and classification of any threats, from intruders to small animals. UAV intrusion is also a growing concern. SPYNEL is the eye of the base to proactively react in case of a symmetrical or asymmetrical attack.

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  • Passive detection solution
  • Detection, tracking and classification of multiple threats simultaneously
  • Long-range thermal surveillance for proactive decisions related to approaching threats
  • Full surveillance of the entire site, before and after the fence
  • Real-time 360° situational awareness with automatic classification for effective decision making
  • Reliability for 24/7, day/night perimeter security
  • Seamless integration of SPYNEL data into third party VMS software or Command and Control systems
  • Limited infrastructure required for installation
Afghanistan Forward operating base

Passive IR technology for intrusion detection is a must have for military air bases

Air surveillance radars are common equipment of the base used for air traffic monitoring. Such radars are especially sensitive to interferences which can be generated by high perimeter fences or other active detection systems. Passive technology for intrusion detection sensors is hence paramount to avoid radar disturbance. With their automatic multiple threat detection at long-range and fast deployment capabilities, SPYNEL® thermal imaging cameras are a passive detection solution to ensure the 24/7 surveillance of military air bases.

Usually installed on the control tower of the air base, SPYNEL IR camera is used to scan the site at 360° in real-time. Real-time visualization coupled with classification feature facilitate the understanding of the situation. It makes it easy to distinguish wildlife from intruders with a very low false alarm rate guaranteed.

Remote Operations & Cybersecurity

ONVIF compliant, SPYNEL® panoramic thermal sensors are seamlessly integrated into the existing security system, automatically sending alert streams to the VMS. Cyber compliant, Cyclope appliance can be successfully implemented to follow the latest cyber defense rules, including network and data protection guaranteeing the highest level of cybersecurity.

Cost effective solutions: Pan Tilt Cameras vs SPYNEL optronic detection sensor whole perimetric fence cannot be monitored continuously against potential attacks by one PTZ camera. A PTZ camera watches in a certain direction, limited by its field of view. Alternatively several tens of PTZ cameras could be necessary to fully secure the perimeter, which drastically increase number of security cameras, infrastructure costs and add complexity of surveillance system. With SPYNEL and its panoramic stream, one single sensor can detect and track simultaneous targets. It gives valuable information on the location of the target and potential caused damages. All tracks are recorded and can be used as evidence.

As a standalone system or being part of a complete surveillance solution, HGH SPYNEL thermal sensors enhance situational awareness of the military air base far beyond the perimeter. Keep your base safe with SPYNEL.


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3 Key Points

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Fast Deployment

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Completely Passive


Full surveillance of the site before and after the fence

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