Mega Yacht Security

The Anti-Piracy solution, at sea and in port

Private mega yacht owners with luxury floating assets have become soft targets for piracy and international terrorism. Modern threats come in all shapes and sizes, including divers, swimmers, RIBs, UAVs, which are currently not detectable by conventional security equipments such as radars.

Spynel guarantees the protection of megayachts

Early detection is the key to preventing mega-yacht attacks.

  • Secure a megayacht by detecting any threat early
  • Automatic detection, tracking, and identification of various threats in real-time, including small targets such as RIB undetectable by radars
  • 365 days, 24/7 surveillance, day and night capability
  • Must withstand harsh maritime environments: Sea, fog, corrosion, extreme temperature, sand, vibration, solar glare and more
  • Rapid assessment of unwanted events
  • Seamless integration into third party Video Management System (VMS)
  • Evidential videos

How can SPYNEL 360° thermal surveillance solution secure a megayacht?

Thanks to its 24/7 surveillance capabilities, the SPYNEL thermal camera can detect, track and record an unlimited number of threats or objects, up to a distance of 15 km. Its unique panoramic imaging system allows real-time visualization of surface or aerial threats over 360 °.

Robust and equipped with a gyro-stabilization system, SPYNEL security cameras are designed to withstand marine environments. They can be used as a stand-alone surveillance system, or as part of the surveillance solution equipping the mega-yacht. Thermal imaging can also be used as a night navigation aid.

The complete solution includes the SPYNEL thermal camera driven by CyclopeTM software. With an intuitive interface, the software is easy to use and quick to learn by the security team.

The SPYNEL panoramic camera is the right solution to deal with the increase in maritime piracy around the world, and in particular in the Caribbean, off Florida, the Mediterranean, Mexico, the South Pacific, Singapore, from the Maldives, Africa, the Gulf of Suez, Oman, Aden or the Arabian Sea.

3 Key Points

video camera icon

Long distance surveillance up to the horizon

Integration in existing security systems

Multiple threats detection, night and day

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