IRFPA Testing

IRFPA testing with optronic test bench

HGH Infrared Systems provides fully integrated optronic test benches to qualify multi-element optical detectors from the visible to far infrared spectrum.

Electro optical test bench

To fulfill demand for performance in day & night vision systems, IRFPA manufacturers have been developing detector arrays with an ever increasing number of pixels, lower dot pitches, and wider spectral ranges. Therefore, the full measurement of the main characteristics of these dense focal plane arrays can quickly become very difficult.

HGH’s BIRD Electro-Optic test bench enables the user to automatize the measurement of the main characteristics of multi-element detectors. The BIRD bench combines an optical table with the reference sources and monochromator, a control cabinet with the signal generators, amplifiers, controllers, and dedicated software for data acquisition and processing.

The performance, both at array and pixel levels, can be assessed with the highest accuracy. The test of the following parameters then becomes straightforward: noise measurement (NETD, RMS noise, fixed pattern noise), image quality (MTF, non uniformity), and pixel default (bad pixel, crosstalk, pixel surface response, detectivity).

3 Key Points


Qualification of multi-element optical detectors

Integrated system


Very high precision

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