Your turnkey electro-optical test software

Universal & easy-to-use test solution for cameras, detectors and laser range finders

INFRATEST is a powerful software for testing visible to IR cameras, goggles and laser rangefinders. Based on video acquisition modules compatible with a wide range of communication protocols, INFRATEST acquires, displays and analyzes the video signal from all types of electro-optical devices. In addition, INFRATEST manages the optical stimuli delivered to the camera through the control of blackbodies and visible/NIR optical sources and their accessories (collimator, target wheel, harmonization modules, etc.).

INFRATEST software for turnkey electro optical testing on laptop

3 Key Points


Fully compatible with all HGH products


Proven testing procedures for accurate results


Flexible training adapted to your applications


Main IR and Visible tests for your Electro-Optical Sensor

Focal plane arrays and cameras: bad pixel location, non-uniformity correction, temporal noise and fixed pattern noise measurement, detectivity, responsivity.

Visible to SWIR cameras: Noise equivalent irradiance, effective focal length, resolution (MRC), distortion, field of view, latency.

Thermal cameras: NETD, spatial resolution (LSF/MTF), MRTD and DRI ranges, alignment of optical axis vs. mechanical axis.

Multi-sensor gimbaled system testing: alignment of axes, large apertures compatible.

Laser rangefinders and designators: alignment, beam profiling, divergence, accuracy of distance measurement, laser pulse energy and power.

Night vision devices: gain, resolution, infinity focus, zero and range of eyepiece, parallelism of goggles axes, figure of merit, spot defect.

A wide range of EO tests run with INFRATEST

INFRATEST is able to run an exhaustive list of test routines for a full characterization of electro optical system performances: noise tests (NETD, fixed pattern noise, temporal noise), spatial tests (MTF, FOV, distortion), detection/recognition/identification range tests (MRTD, MDTD, TOD), alignment and harmonization tests.

Versatile Test Setup for a Complete Characterization of EOI/IR Devices

INFRATEST software concept map

A unique training offer

Keep up to date with the latest software innovations! Every year, at least one new version of the INFRATEST software is released, extending and improving its testing capabilities thanks to the most efficient algorithms, while constantly seeking improved ergonomics. We offer a yearly training aiming at optimizing the use of the INFRATEST Software in order for the operators to collect the most accurate data on the tested equipment. This one-day personalized training, held in the customer’s facilities, is provided by an HGH engineer specialized in electro-optical systems design, development and testing methods.

MRTD testing with results displayed in INFRATEST software

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