Forward Operating Base Surveillance

PANORAMIC PROTECTION of forward Operating Base

In theatre, defense and security forces often operate outside of developed areas and within isolated, high risk conditions. On these bases 24/7 surveillance is not easily executed but is vital to mission success and personnel safety. Threats are unexpected and can come from all directions.


  • 24/7 surveillance of wide areas
  • Need for quick, adaptive deployment
  • Harsh environmental conditions: extreme heat, cold, precipitation
  • Potential for false alarm due to cluttered environment
  • Limited access to resources and utilities
  • Operators with insufficient training
  • Integration with existing radar and long range PTZ cameras
  • Integration with C4ISR
  • Payload limitations on tower
Afghanistan Forward operating base


The Spynel infrared camera systems utilize advanced thermal imaging technology to monitor activities in a complete 360 degree field of view in real-time. The ultra-wide, panoramic IR sensors operate in the 3-5 or 8-12µm spectral range, and automatically detect and track targets using complex algorithms. Adding to the capability of a radar and a long range FLIR, the Spynel sensors provide high resolution, Multi Mega Pixel panoramic images in complete darkness and adverse weather conditions. These innovative technologies operate as optical radars coupled with powerful analytics. Data feed provided by the Spynel are used to allow personnel in theater to quickly and effectively pinpoint targets in the most demanding operational environments and gather forensics intelligence on insurgent or terrorist activity on the ground. Forensics capabilities allow operators to replay and analyze an incident after the fact to identify ennemy CONOPS.


Integration with C4ISR Systems

The Spynel can easily be integrated with third party platforms and teamed up with other sensors when needed. Target and tracking info as well as live zoom feed imaging can be streamed into control software. PTZ slew-to-cue functionality can also be accessed directly from within Cyclope detection and tracking software with a click of the mouse.

Deployed and Proven in Afghanistan

The Spynel camera was awarded a 3 year contract with the U.S. Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division-Lakehurst, NJ for the Persistent Ground Surveillance System (PGSS) program. Spynel cameras are deployed and ensure Forward Operation Base protection on 25m-high Wide-Area-Surveillance towers deployed in Afghanistan.

3 Key Points

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Long distance panoramic surveillance

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Lightweight, compact and mobile


Multiple real-time detections

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