Temperature Screening in Crowds

Detection and tracking of elevated body temperatures in crowds

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it a priority for organizations – particularly in the Transportation, Health and Events sectors – to be able to detect anyone with abnormally elevated body temperature (EBT) in order to ensure no virus transmission occurs. New regulations are taking effect, and organisations of all types are obliged to make sure they can comply with new measures. For some sectors, the most difficult part is to deal with crowds of people in motion and to make sure they wear a mask and do not have fever, the main symptom of Coronavirus.

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Who uses mass temperature screening?

Public places like airports, public transportation stations, concert halls, shopping malls, cruise companies and factories are seeking tools for preliminary temperature screening in their crowded infrastructures, in order to safeguard the health of their personnel and customers. Thermal imagers are not designed nor intended to diagnose or detect medical conditions including, viruses or other illnesses, but they have proven to be very efficient to measure skin-surface temperatures.

Elevated temperature screening main applications

What are the main challenges panoramic temperature screening in crowds?

  • A temperature reference like a blackbody must be provided with the thermal imager to ensure the highest accuracy package
  • In some public places like airports, most of the fever detection system are installed in corridors, at the level of the security checks. However, passengers are not the only ones transiting in airports’ entrance halls: accompanying travellers, airport employees, taxi drivers must also be subject to temperature measurement
  • Another challenge is to be able to track and locate the detected individuals with abnormal skin surface temperatures in order to test them with medical devices: tracking multiple people in crowds is not possible with the main EBT screening technologies on the market
  • The flow of passengers in airports, customers in malls, patients in hospitals or spectators in concert halls should not be impacted by these temperature screenings. Indeed, they are already exposed to many lines to queue and adding another one might discourage them
  • An elevated-temperature-measurement technology must be able to measure EBT simultaneously in different directions and at different distances.
crowd temperature monitoring mIRcury screenshot multiple people

What is the ideal solution for mass EBT detection and tracking in crowded halls?

Our Panoramic Temperature Screening camera mIRcury® was designed to measure skin-surface temperatures in wide and crowded environments, in order to achieve fast and efficient preliminary temperature screening in busy public areas, without impacting the flow of people.

The unique panoramic screening technology of mIRcury captures and checks multiple people with elevated body temperature on the fly, wherever they are, whatever their posture, in the biggest crowds. When an abnormal skin-surface temperature is detected, the person is isolated and a second check is performed with a medical device, to confirm fever.

mIRcury® is a barrier-free, non-invasive system, for continuous monitoring of body temperatures in crowds, complementary to other existing solutions on the market (sector cameras, hand held thermometers).

3 Key Points

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Simultaneous multiple & multi-direction detection of moving or static people with elevated skin-surface temperatures


High accuracy ± 0.3°C

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Wide panoramic detection range >1000 sq m

Main benefits of the mIRcury panoramic temperature screening camera

  • Simultaneous multiple & multi-direction detection of moving or static people with elevated skin-surface temperatures
  • Reduce queues and long wait times
  • Minimize impact on travellers’ experience
  • Reduce man power
  • Contact-free
  • Our CN-37 Blackbody reference source is delivered with an International Primary Standards traceable certificate of calibration to ensure the highest accuracy
camera in mIRcury

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