Full Situational Awareness

As a global provider of 360° infrared cameras, HGH provides wide area surveillance solutions for military applications around the world. SPYNEL and CYCLOPE, our automatic intrusion detection & tracking software, are used for FOB protection, self-protection of ships, and mobile surveillance embarked on vehicles or in a backpack for special forces missions. Discover the many possibilities of our sensors and how they fit your specific needs.


The SPYNEL IRST solution provides an early warning of all air and surface threats

Wide area surveillance anti-piracy solution 


Temporary surveillance and perimeter protection to help special forces deal with unforeseen events

SPYNEL 360 Thermal Imaging cameras provide a quick deployment panoramic protection of forward operating base for maximum situational awareness and perimeter security

Secure the perimeter of military air bases with SPYNEL 360 IR passive sensors


Maintenance of Electro-Optic Systems

OPAL universal test bench can test any existing or future optronic system