Critical Infrastructure Protection

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Terrorist threats on critical assets have made intrusion detection and perimeter security a priority for the private sector and governments worldwide. To ensure security, traditional measures include CCTV cameras and patrols, but night surveillance requires additional surveillance equipment.


  • A wide-area perimeter surveillance
  • Survey and automatic detection of all threats
  • Important traffic around the monitored zone during the day (staff, visitors, animals)
  • Sometimes, an undetectable (passive) system is needed
  • Operator fatigue 
  • Integrate the IR system within the current security system


With 360° protection and outdoor perimeter intrusion detection, the Spynel IR camera systems provide exceptional day and night security for many of governmental buildings in the world, and varied applications.

  • Surveillance of national monuments, protection of government buildings, embassies, federal reserve banks, and more
  • Crowd control during demonstrations near government facilities or during highly visible events (like the Olympics)
  • 24/7 protection of federal dams and waterways
  • IR surveillance of nuclear plants
  • Protection of oil rigs, refineries, LNG/LPG terminals
  • Defense industrial base

The Spynel infrared sensor can be mounted on a mast or installed at the top of a building in order to provide full 360° security ensures that no event or disturbance goes unnoticed.


Panoramic, 360° field of view

Thanks to a full 360° panoramic field of view, as well as IR surveillance capability, without interruption day or night, nothing can escape the vigilance of the Spynel. Spynel cameras acquire an infrared image simultaneously in all directions, unlike traditional cameras, which are limited in horizontal field of view – this eliminates the “small end of the telescope” effect. Spynel’s 360° coverage prevents intruders from anticipating camera movements to enter the secure perimeter.


Automatic intrusion detection and tracking

Thanks to the automatic detection and tracking of any intrusion, the operator can quickly navigate the 360° panoramic image to zoom in on the area of interest.


High resolution thermal images

Spynel, a long-range infrared rotating camera, can detect a human being up to the horizon. Spynel has exceptional spatial resolution, and excellent thermal sensitivity, for optimal detection of targets in total darkness, through smoke or in difficult weather conditions.


Passive system

Spynel is completely passive and completely undetectable.


Economic system

One or two Spynels can control perimeters of several tens of kilometers.


An interface suitable for 24/7 surveillance

The software interface can be fully customized to reduce operator fatigue through customizable color palettes, adjustable panoramic windows size, display on multiple screens, audible alarms linked to automatic intrusion detection, simultaneous pursuit of an unlimited number of threats, and automatic adjustment of sensor and detection parameters according to climate and activity. It is also easy to define restricted areas of interest such as a perimeter walls, security gates, and building entrances to link these areas to a specific schedules of activity, like after hours.


Easily integrates into the centralized control station

Detection and tracking data as well as videos can be easily integrated with third-party software.

3 Key Points

video camera icon

Extended perimeter monitoring

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Automatic detection of all threats

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Passive system, undetectable

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