COPI Test Bench

Versatile and Comprehensive Test Bench

All-in-one Test Solution for Visible, Light Intensification, Infrared & Laser Devices

COPI is a universal test bench able to fully characterize the performance of any optoelectronics system, operating from visible wavelengths to far-infrared. It replaces the multitude of specific testing tools related to each equipment by a single and polyvalent optronic test system.

3 Key Points


Modular and versatile mechanical configuration

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Exhaustive range of tests


One single polyvalent optronic test system


An exhaustive range of tests performed by COPI:

COPI can assess the performance of any optoelectronics systems with an exhaustive range of tests:

  • Noise tests: temporal noise, SiTF, NETD
  • Spatial tests: optical axis alignment, field of view, LSF, MTF, azimuth and elevation ranges
  • Range tests: MRTD, DRI ranges, MDTD, TOD
  • Visible tests: Gain, spatial resolution, infinity focus, dynamic range, zero and focus of eyepiece, parallelism of the 2 optical axes of goggles, detection of spot defects
  • Laser and rangefinder tests: laser energy, beam divergence, accuracy of distance measurement
  • Alignment test and measurement:
    • between IR or visible axis and mechanical axis
    • between IR axis and visible axis
    • between transmitter and sight axis
    • between receiver and visible axis

Main Applications:

The modular and versatile mechanical configuration of the universal multispectral collimator, associated with a dedicated exhaustive test software, enable very fast configuration setting for testing all existing or in-development optoelectronics systems:

  • TV cameras
  • Night and day vision goggles
  • Thermal imagers 3-5/8-12 µm
  • Laser rangefinders and illuminators (1.06 – 1.54 – 10.6 µm)
  • Complete sighting systems

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