CN-37 Blackbody

The ideal Blackbody for human thermography cameras

Thermal camera reference source for real-time fever detection

With the Covid-19 pandemic spreading around the globe, HGH developed the CN-37 Blackbody technology to answer the needs of IR thermography camera manufacturers.

CN-37-corps noir

3 Key Points

thermometer (2)

Certificate of calibration at human fever temperature


High stability of regulation


IEC 80601-2-59 standard compliant


Thermal cameras can detect sick people in a crowd, based on their body temperature

In order to avoid any drift or error of detection, a reference temperature point such as the new CN-37 is required in the field of view of the camera. The CN-37 Blackbody is compatible with all thermography cameras on the market.

An International Primary Standards traceable certificate of calibration at human fever temperature is provided.

Main Applications

Technical Specifications

Emissive surface:

100 mm x 100 mm

Temperature range:

20°C to 50°C



Emissivity greater than:


Power supply:

110-240 VAC compatible 50/60Hz

Power consumption:

Less than 90W


H 210 mm x W 130 mm x D 110 mm


Less than 2kg

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