A Complete Range of Reference Infrared Sources from Vacuum Cryogenic to High Temperatures 

HGH is the electro-optical specialist, providing leading-edge infrared reference sources covering a wide range of temperatures with extended area and cavity shaped options. Our blackbodies operate at usual pressure conditions or at conditions dedicated to vacuum applications. Adaptable to the most demanding IR sensor testing protocols, HGH blackbodies provide superior stability and certified uniformity. They are all delivered with a certificate of calibration linked to International Primary Standards. Reliable in any environment,  HGH blackbodies enable a quick start operation while offering extended control capabilities.

Main applications include calibration of thermographic sensors and cameras, qualification of thermal imagers, and production lines of IR detectors and cores. In the  laboratory or on the field, they are part of the electro-optical test benches for the characterization of complex optronic systems.

Bring the leading-edge blackbody technology to your lab for even the most demanding EO testing applications!

Low Temperature Blackbodies

DCN1000 product series blackbodies and controller

Low temperature extended area sources

  • Absolute temperature range from –40°C to +150°C
  • Differential and absolute operation modes 
  • Extended areas up to 300mm x 300mm
Twin1000 blackbody

Double extended area blackbody

  • Two independent 42mm x 42mm emissive areas
  • Absolute temperature range from -5°C to +150°C
  • High thermal uniformity and emissivity
CN37 blackbody

Reference source for temperature screening camera

  • Certificate of calibration at human fever temperature
  • Compact and robust design
  • High stability of regulation
  • IEC 80601-2-59 standard compliant
PCN Blackbody and controller

Blackbodies for production lines

  • High thermal uniformity
  • Compact emissive heads
  • Easy mechanical and software integration

High Temperature Extended Area Blackbodies

High Temperature Cavity Blackbodies

ECN blackbody
  • Absolute temperature range from ambient +5 °C up to +600 °C
  • Large emissive area up to 1000mm x 1000 mm
  • High emissivity with micro-grooved surface
RCN blackbodies series
  • High temperature reference source up to 1350°C
  • High spatial and angular uniformity/emissivity
  • Reduced cooling time thanks to COOLSPEED technology

Vacuum Blackbodies


Vacuum blackbody
  • Absolute temperature range from 100K to 425K
  • Use of low outgassing coatings and materials
  • High thermal uniformity and emissivity
targets offered
  • Wide range of targets of various patterns and sizes 
  • Custom targets adapted to your tests
  • Several configurations (target wheel or on the front of the blackbody source)