Night Vision Devices (NVD), based on Image Intensifiers Tubes (IIT), become mandatory on the battlefield. Main missions happening during the night, NVD performances can directly affect the success or failure of military operations.

The image intensifiers segment holds the major market share in the global night vision market, way ahead of thermal equipment. NVD/IIT manufacturers have engaged intense competition based on innovation to offer the best performance, ergonomy, and quality to military users.

As an important actor in the EO testing field, HGH Group developed equipment to accurately measure optical performances of Night Vision Devices with the aim to become the reference for R&D and production activities or purchase and use optimization. HGH has designed those products by following the main military standards to handle in-the-field constraints and achieve maintenance operations. They are definitively a must-have for EO labs and maintenance centers.

HGH USA provides all the necessary equipment to assess Night Vision devices with high reliability.

HGH USA provides a compact and portable test bench to perform maintenance on NVGs, measure their quality over time, or compare the performance of similar model NVGs.