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Witness the performance of the SPYNEL panoramic sensor & intrusion detection software CYCLOPE​

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The Spynel® thermal imagers provide unmatched wide area surveillance and perimeter security, adapted to your Defense and Security needs. Driven by the CYCLOPE advanced intrusion detection software, Spynel® panoramic IR cameras provide unprecedented real-time security against conventional and asymmetric threats.

Fully passive, robust and compact, this panoramic surveillance system can be installed and operational in a few minutes. 

Land Security

Panoramic IR Radar for Perimeter Security & Long Distance Surveillance

Continuously capturing full 360-degree infrared images every second, SPYNEL-M provides real-time security against conventional and asymmetrical threats including hardly detectable targets such as UAVs, RHIBs, or crawling men.

Airport Surveillance & Perimeter Security

SPYNEL panoramic IR security system ensures airports’ security around the world and covers their surveillance needs.

SPYNEL-U is the only IR sensor in the world to provide with full high resolution visible and thermal panoramic videos in real-time, for all your security projects. 

Temporary Surveillance: Discover the Mobile Deployment Kit for SPYNEL

Rapidly deployable surveillance systems are used for special forces & police interventions, Mobile surveillance for border security, Public event monitoring, Construction sites surveillance, Oil & gas temporary exploration sites surveillance, VIP protection, etc. 

Real-time 24/7 Perimeter Security Solution​

SPYNEL Thermal imaging systems and their CYCLOPE software provide 24/7 persistent wide area and long range surveillance of critical infrastructures such as ports, airports, solar farms, prisons, nuclear power plants, Oil and Gas platforms.

Fast Deployment for Wide Area Situational Awareness

All panoramic SPYNEL sensors are compact and fast to deploy. This fast deployment is ideal for temporary surveillance needs. In this video, you will discover a demo revealing how easy it is to set up our 360° IR sensors.

Real-Time Wide Area Surveillance Over 360°

Our 360° Panoramic IR camera is your real-time solution for critical infrastructure protection. All intrusions are automatically detected and tracked by the CYCLOPE Software, day and night, over hundreds of square kilometers.

Oil and Gas rigs protection with panoramic thermal sensor SPYNEL​

The SPYNEL panoramic wide area surveillance cameras are used to protect oil & gas rigs against multiple threats coming from isolated areas.

Maritime & Coastline Security

InfraRed Search & Track: protect your warship against asymmetrical threats​

The rise of new technologies urge naval forces to adapt their defense, detection and threat-tracking capabilities. To answer the growing needs in terms of embarked IRST systems, HGH developed an IRST solution based on the SPYNEL technology

CYCLOPE Automatic Intrusion Detection & Tracking Software​

CYCLOPE automatically detects and tracks an unlimited number of maritime targets simultaneously, including hardly detectable threats, such as crawling men, RHIBs, low altitude air targets, UAVs and stealth aircrafts.

Spynel-X: Highest Definition InfraRed Search and Track​

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SPYNEL-X is the panoramic thermal sensor with the best image resolution and the longest detection range on the market. It is ideal for maritime surveillance and self-protection of warships.

As shown in this video, for on-board ship surveillance applications or coastline surveillance, an AIS plugin can display the AIS data of nearby ships for immediate identification.

Coastal Surveillance and Busy Port Security

When installed in a busy port, SPYNEL automatically detects and tracks unlimited targets in any direction day and night. SPYNEL can detect RHIBs, jetskis, swimmers and large ships at up to 15 and 30 km, respectively.

Offshore platforms protection with panoramic thermal sensor SPYNEL

The SPYNEL panoramic wide area surveillance cameras are used to protect offshore platforms against multiple threats coming from the open sea.

Arial Threat Detection

Airport Thermal Security with ADS-B Plugin

CYCLOPE‘s ADS-B plugin provides aerial target identification of a commercial airplane within the 360 degree images provided by Spynel. Watch as an airplane’s complete information is automatically fused in with CYCLOPE thermal tracks.

Real-time Drone Detection & Tracking

SPYNEL can detect newly released UAVs, or modified commercial models. Thanks to its real time thermal panoramic video, the operator has got the ability to recognize several UAVs in different directions in case of simultaneous attack.

Airport Surveillance & Perimeter Security​

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SPYNEL panoramic IR security system ensures airports’ security around the world and covers their surveillance needs.

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