A loss in revenue occurs each time a kiln is stopped, and any cycle of shutdown and restart causes additional stress to refractory bricks.

Kilnscan and Pyroscan are IR scanners and cameras providing exact thermal measurements with high-temperature resolution to extend equipment life and promote cost savings in maintenance programs. Our infrared technology contributes to improving production quality and quantity, while reducing downtime and energy consumption.

Rotary Kiln Scanner

  • Shell scanner with the highest spatial resolution, smaller than the average refractory brick size
  • Unique thermal warp calculation and historical data management
  • Unique scan angle from 90° up to 140°

Ruggedized HDR Pyrometric Camera

  • High-temperature kiln camera, providing furnace temperature monitoring
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) thermal images from inside the kiln, cooler, or any high-temperature environment
  • Efficient control of flame pattern and heat transfer

External Pyrometric Camera for Combustion Thermal Monitoring

  • High-performance 1.2 MP external pyrometric camera
  • Versatile and accurate thermal mapping for the control of waste incineration processes
  • No external cooling unit required; a zero maintenance and calibration tool