Protect and Detect Over Wide Areas

Many challenges arise in wide area surveillance. When security personnel, soldiers or special forces are confronted to multiple intrusions, they need to be alerted as early as possible for effective action. One minute can reverse the situation.

The Spynel IR sensors were designed by HGH Infrared Systems to meet these challenges. Spynel and its automatic detection software Cyclope display and analyze IR 360° thermal images in real time. Threats are automatically detected and tracked up to the horizon, 24/7, wherever they come from (large airfields, wide desert areas around FOBS and compounds, land or maritime borders, ports, estuaries, etc.).

Spynel 360° thermal cameras can be used as a standalone surveillance system or as an added capability to systems already in place.

Coastal and Maritime Surveillance

Maintaining safe coastlines is vital for the economic development of continental islands

Full maritime and coastal domain awareness with real-time 360-degree thermal videos

Real-time security of ports and infrastructures

Many attacks can be foiled by an early warning and taking preemptive action before the attack occurs

The solution against piracy at sea and in the port

Safety of Oil & Gas Sites

Securing FLNG offshore platform day and night, 24/7 against any type of threats

SPYNEL panoramic thermal cameras address the requirements of oil & gas infrastructures protection in a scalable and flexible way

Airport Surveillance

Ensure airport perimeter surveillance against any intrusions and secure outdoor critical areas at airports with the innovative panoramic SPYNEL thermal imaging camera

Perimeter and Border Security

Utilize the innovative 360° thermal imaging technology for wide area perimeter surveillance

Extensive surveillance of an entire prison and its surroundings by automatically detecting and tracking air, land and maritime targets in real-time within a panoramic vision

Spynel ensures real-time, day and night perimeter security and intrusion detection at an early stage

Early detection is the key to preventing potential attacks on electrical substations from copper theft, vandalism, accidents and other activities that could disrupt the stability of the power grid

Our panoramic thermal imaging cameras help protect against illegal hunting, the capture of wild animals and the illegal harvest of wild plant species

Vehicle Based Surveillance

360° situational awareness from inside a vehicle

Anti UAV

With Spynel’s thermal imaging technology, detect and track drones and swarm drones at an early stage


Discover the main advantages of SPYNEL thermal imaging technology