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Witness the performance and precision of our Blackbodies and Test Benches, with their INFRATEST Electro-Optical Software

HGH provides leading-edge IR test equipment, ranging from blackbodies and collimators to integrated test benches, to universities, research labs, detector manufacturers and test centres around the world.

Run all your electro-optical tests with INFRATEST software – MRTD, NETD, MTF, LSF

INFRATEST is a powerful software offering a wide range of tests for visible cameras, IR cameras and detectors. Discover your turnkey electro optical testing software in this DEMO video and see how NETD, LSF, MTF, MRTD tests are run.

Fully Automated Custom Electro-Optical Test Bench adapted to your application

Driven by the universal and versatile electro-optical INFRATEST software, your customized test benches are fully automated and adapted to your needs and test routines.

HGH understands the importance of the Human-Computer Interface in the maintenance and testing of electro-optical devices. This new generation of electronic controllers is at the heart of the blackbody control and monitoring.

Electro-optics software INFRATEST Training Session: NETD, MRTD, LSF, MTF and more tests

The INFRATEST optronics software is in constant evolution, make sure to keep up to date with the latest innovations thanks to our personalized training sessions.

Accurate Fever Detection and Temperature Measurement with CN-37 Blackbody

Discover our  CN-37 Blackbody for the most accurate real-time fever screening and temperature measurement. This blackbody for fever-detection is compatible with any type of thermal cameras.

Improved MTF evaluation method of a camera presented at SPIE Security + Defense

At the Digital Edition of #SPIE Security + Defense 2020, Etienne Homassel (HGH) presented the following paper: “Improved Modulation Transfer Function evaluation method of a camera at any field point with a scanning tilted knife edge.”

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