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Introducing O-SPY™ OverWatch™ & SPYNEL-M Integration

HGH USA has partnered with Aries Defense to bring TAK (ATAK/CivTAK) and MCH integration to our SPYNEL 360° series with the O-SPY™ system.

The O-SPY™ System

The OverWatch SPYNEL-M kit (O-SPY™) is comprised of a modified HGH Spynel-M600 Sensor leveraging Graphics Processors and Aries Defense’s video libraries, a networking solution, and ATAK/MCH Plugins. The kit allows the user to deploy a passive thermal sensor in remote areas.  

The sensor will detect and track thermal signatures and alert users on tactical networks when detection occurs.  The system is integrated with The Programs Of Record to allow users to receive alerts and view/record video on their EUD or laptop computers.

Program of Record – TAK




  • ATAK / CivTAK Compatible
  • MCH Compatible
  • EMCON Compatible
  • Passive Sensor
  • Network Agnostic
  • Early Warning Threat Detection 


  • Situational Awareness, with PLI broadcast to tactical network
  • 24-hour, remote surveillance
  • Tracks displayed in mapping applications as Lines of Bearing (LoB)
  • Full Detections provide Distance of Event

O-SPY Components

Spynel M radar to detect intrusions

SPYNEL-M is a high-resolution thermal camera that captures a 360° image every two seconds, 24/7. It is rapidly deployable and completely passive.



► Perimeter Security

 Critical Infrastructure Protection

► Special Forces and FOB security

OverWatch is a forward deployable video surveillance platform used to gain close-in situational awareness for war-fighters while in combat operational theaters.



 Live view of tactical edge win in fixed/concealed positions

► Automatic Network Routing 

 No configuration required

► Adaptable to any mission using TAK 

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